Prices for BW/Colour Mix
CLP costs-and-times table
This table is for posters.

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Basic copying * Scripts and bound documents
Booklets, newsletters and zines * Mixed Col/BW

Poster prices

What poster size do you wish to print ?
On what type of paper ** do you want to print ?
How many copies do you wish to print ?
Do you want to pay by card ? (Visa or Mastercard) Yes No
The price before VAT is ()
VAT is ()
The surcharge for card payment is ()
The price inclusive of VAT is:
Estimated completion time in working hours (*):
Courier delivery to London postcodes, if required, is charged separately.
Price depends on postcode.
For out of London delivery prices, please click here

* The estimated completion time is only indicative. It assumes that one operator works full time on the job with one machine. Actual conditions may vary.
** 90gsm paper is not suitable for heavy inking posters. There is a minimum charge of 10 for poster printing.
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